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     Helen Rule to Read from Air Born!

    This was a very pleasant surprise in my Instagram inbox the other day. One of my followers (TY Maria @sakasharen) tagged me for a posting from the actress Helen Rule, who was looking for material to read from on a internet radio show around the end of the month. Needless to say, I responded right away. Helen responded back with via email and I sent her the first chapter of Air Born. She seemed pleased to receive it and it sounds like this will actually happen. I'll be sure to post further information and the link to the reading once it becomes available. 

    Once again, I'm amazed at the love and support Air Born has been getting from the readers. To keep it in mind when opportunities become available, well, it warms my heart to know how much you all care.  Thank you. 

    Reading at Half Price Books in Lynnwood, WA. 

    It was a pretty small turn out for the reading last Saturday. But that's okay. Every opportunity to do a reading and meet some readers is okay by me. I read from chapter 3 (one of my usual readings) and then stood around to speak with anyone who strolled by. When I was preparing to pack up for the afternoon, two wonderful readers came by and asked about the book. We had a nice discussion and they each bought a copy, which I happily signed. Two copies or twenty - it really doesn't matter to me. I love that it's getting out there and bringing joy to the readers. 

    I also took advantage of the reading to show off the painting by Kylah of a scene from Air Born. It's my plan to bring this with me to my readings for showing off her amazing art. It actually contributed to discussions with visitors as they walked by. Thank you again, Kylah. You can find her work at www.etsy.com/shop/SchwehmyArt

    Translated Air Born?

    I finally got my submission of Air Born onto Babelcube.com. Wow, they sure want a lot of information! I'm sure it's worth it though. I'm hoping some interested translators will become interested enough to do a translation. I'm really interested in Spanish and French. (Oh, can you imagine the first cloud scene with Leif and Carina in French?) So, any Spanish or French Air Born readers out there interested in doing  a translation? Could be some good side money for you. ;)

    Work in Progress

    Now that UNDISCOVERED is done. My sole focus is to get the outline for Air Storm completed. I'm a little over half way through it and I love where the story is going. I hope you're all as excited as I am. Once the outline is done, I'll be on the hunt for beta readers who are willing to read through my rough drafts and provide feedback. With Air Born, there were over twenty who expressed interest, six who provided feedback, and three who provided a lot of great feedback for each chapter. I'm hoping to get at least six who are dedicated and commited to giving me their thoughts and feedback. If you're interested, please shoot me an email to let me know. 

    Till next time, keep those words flowing.