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What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on "Air Storm - Do You Dream of Falling?" I'm really excited about it and I hope it continues to carry the feel and storyline built in Air Born. I know the fans are excited to get it. I just have to stay focused and get it done. 

Is this site associated with any affiliate advertising?

Actually, the site is currently associated with the Amazon Associates Program. This helps me to offset the cost of the website operations a little. I'm not out to get rich or force anyone to click on links leading to books, products, or services that I feel ethically inclined to mention on this site. However, if you do decide to buy my books, or any other items which I've discussed and recommended, via a link from this website, I do make a very small percentage from the sale. So, I do appreciate it if you buy from my site, but you don't have to. Here's the official disclaimer for Amazon:

"I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites." 


There, now it's official. ;)   


You work a full time job?

Currently, no. My last full-time job was with a company called Averetek as a Senior Business Analyst for their channel marketing products and services. I'm attempting to make it as a freelancer, doing writing and performing technical services for others. However, if you have a nice movie deal or multibook deal, sign me up. I would love to have more time to devote to my creative writing.

What type of fiction writing do you do?

My primary genre is science fiction and urban fantasy for young adults (YA), with a little light romance thrown in. While that is what I target for age groups, I'm finding that my readership has ranged from 11 to 80's, and reviews from all of those readers has been positive. The primary reason I target YA readers is not so much for the age groups, but I prefer to keep my writing clean without foul words, gore, or graphic sex. I don't believe those are needed to tell a good story, and I'm finding that most of my readers enjoy this approach. Are there conflicts? Yes. Is there kissing? Yes. Does anyone die? Sorry, I'm not going to spoil the stories. ;)    

Since you write "clean" fiction, are you a Christian writer?

Well, while I do have my personal spiritual beliefs, which defines my moral compass, I do not push my beliefs into my writing or onto others. When I do include something about my faith, I clearly mention at the beginning of the story that it is a faith-based story, and as such, it is targeted for a market with similar beliefs. If you want to know what I personally believe, you can ask me if you ever meet me in person. I'm not afraid to discuss my beliefs. However, I don't push, debate, or try to convert anyone to my beliefs. People convert themselves. I do consider myself a teacher, but again, I do not use my fiction writing for that purpose. Anything I compose of a spiritual nature is limited to a very small audience of similar beliefs.   


How do you find time to write novels, short stories, and market your writing?

Don't tell my wife, but I found a clone manufacturer on Krastin 5, in the Andromeda galaxy. There are at least 3 of me running around doiing different things. Actually, I'm a big advocate of efficient time management and focusing on the things I love. I work full time, have family, freinds, and I do volunteer community work of around 12 - 15 hours per week. I have learned to stay focused on the things that are most important to me and I try to stay focused on the things I have influence over, and not waste time on the things I'm only concerned about. For an example, I used to be more concerned about American Foodball and Formula One racing. By cutting the time I spend watching, reading, and discussing these things, I've gained around 200 additional hours per year. And if you want to know my processes, hire me for a speaking engagement and I'll tell you all about it.