Who We Are performing at the House of Blues, Disneyland.
Newspaper profile article of Timothy when "Adventures in Flight Simulator" was released.
Newspaper profile article of Timothy when "Adventures in Flight Simulator" was released.

When someone asks, "When did you become a writer?" I basically answer, "When I was born." I've always been a "creative" - having an inner sense of wanting to share, create, explore, please others, and bring joy into the world. Thanks to my parents, who bought me a full set of encyclopedias, which came with a bunch of literary volumes, I soon discovered through the works of Lewis Carrol, Mark Twain, Aesop's Fables, Shakespeare, J. R. R. Tolkien, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, and John Steinbeck - that it was possible to create entire fictional worlds and characters through words. Then when I stumbled across H. G. Wells "War of the Worlds" I dove into devouring anything called science fiction.

Throughout the years my creativity has expanded into many different areas. I played guitar for many years in different bands, recorded several albums (CDs), and performed at various venues. The pentacle being on TV for a news station in San Diego and playing a packed room at Disney's Hosue of Blues in California. Another divergence of creativity was my dive into a self-taught career as a software programmer, database designer, network systems engineer, and business owner. And a different type of creativity resulted in my wife and I raised five children. (Which is why I now have 50 shades of gray hair.) During those years the only fiction writing accomplished was a few short stories and a couple outlines for novels.

During my technology career, I poured my writing into over 40 magazine articles, a book from Microsoft Press called "Adventures in Flight Simulator", and the "FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting for Dummies" by Wiley Publications. Yes, I wrote a Dummies book, which is a great example of applying creative writing to a non-fiction book.


For the past 4 years, most of my focus has been on writing "Air Born - Do You Dream of Flying?" This is my first full-length fiction novel. While I was very anxious about the entire writing process and how this story would be received, I'm now quite grateful for all the readers who have responded, reviewed, sent book selfies, and have shown their love and support for this story. 

In 2006 the creative fiction writer in me decided to come out. I just had too many stories in me, waiting to be told. "Zegin's Infection" was my first endeavor as a sci-fi short story. I had actually written it many years earlier, but I decided to take it more seriously. I hired an editor, a cover artist, and I dove, head first, into self-publishing onto the Kindle platform on Amazon. After some great reviews and some exposure, I got hooked on being called a fiction author. It's like a drug. I needed another fix. "Zegin's Abduction" was the next story released for Kindle. I then decided to give printed media a shot and dove into combining both of the Zegin's stories into "Zegin's Adventures in Epsilon" through Amazon's Createspace.

I have recently released UNDISCOVERED, which is a compilation of my most popular short stories. I'm very pleased with the reviews so far and I hope to turn a couple of the short stories into novels in the future. 


I'm currently jamming on the novel for "Air Storm" with the hope targeting a completion and release by the end of 2019.


As you explore this site, you'll also see some of my related technology work and offerings as a freelancer, business analyst, and FileMaker developer. Why are these a part of this website? Because that is who I am! I'm a writer AND a computer technology professional. I don't think I need to separate these to different sites since they both embody who I personally am. So, feel free to geek out while visiting. 

Even though I've droned on about me, I just want to say how appreciative I'm am for all the support. I truly feel I've been given many gifts in creativity, writing, public speaking, a positive attitude, drive, and determination. But none of this happens without you, the readers! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your encouragement, support, pictures, and the love you show for my stories and my geekyness.


Timothy Trimble