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Discover the eclectic range of science fiction and fantasy stories by Timothy Trimble, finally compiled into a single book, along with a personal introduction for each story. There's no better way to learn more about this writer on his path of exploration into asking "What if?" throughout each story. - The full-color special edition is now available on Amazon.


Includes: The Wings of Leonardo, Meghan's Crayons, Touched, Squirrels With Guns, Jezi's Dilemma, Invis, The Pendant, Zap Em, and a sneek peek at "Air Born - Do You Dream of Flying?"



Where to get it?


Where to get it?


Where to get it?


Adventures in Flight Simulator Version V, 1994

Thrills, chills, and spills at 30,000 feet! Flight Simulator is one of the most popular software packages ever created, with more than one million armchair pilots worldwide. To commemorate Flight Simulator's 10th year, Microsoft presents the ultimate Flight Simulator adventure guide. It covers the basics of flying and instrument training, aircraft and scenery design, and challenging "flying adventures". 


Used paperback on Amazon can be found for as low as $6.71. I was a major fanatic of Flight Simulators and I used to show how Microsoft's FS could be used with real world flight navigation maps for flying to almost anywhere in the world. I did presentations at conventions, and even chaired a televised event (ESPN, CNN) called the "Loosely Supervised Executive Challenge" from the L.A. Atheletic Club, along with celebrity guest, Dave Anderson (Night Court). Ah, those were good days!

Air Born - Do You Dream of Flying? (Editor: Mark Hammer, Artist: Russel Calhoun)

After thousands of years, the ancient 18th of Ahmose are still on the hunt for the secret of flight, forcing Avitorians to hide in fear. Facing the threat of capture, Leif's dreams are shattered and he is forced to decide between hiding or embracing his heritage.


4.9 Stars on - Paperback ($12.95) & Kindle ($3.99), or order from your local bookstore. You can read one of the scenes from Air Born here


"This is an excellent read!"  Sharron K.

"Fantastic book!"  Chad M.

"Whisked away to a different place."  S.K. Chan

"Captures the desire to fly."  Amazon reader


Zegin's Abduction (Editor/Illustrator: Azaliah Yadinah)

Zegin's expectation of a normal day spent fixing starships is drastically altered when he's abducted by the Sarreth. He becomes their pawn in an attempt to subvert the Terranian defense grid. A threat of war, and the potential death of thousands depends on the actions of this lone troubleshooter in the deep space of Epsilon.


4.5 Stars on - Kindle ($.99). This second book in the Zegin's Adventures series does not require reading of book one, "Zegin's Infection". However, it does help to explain some of the occurrences in the first story. While these are not full length novels, Zegin's Adventures are a series of stories which can be enjoyed in a single sitting. Kind of like watching a regular Saturday afternoon, Science Fiction matinee.


"A great sequel to the first Zegin book."  Kyle F.

"I want more!"  Lisa L.

"I love Mr. Trimble's books. I'll keep reading them as soon as they come out."  Monkey

"Tense, tightly-plotted race against time." Janice C.

Zegin's Infection (Editor: Dr. Debra Doyle, Illustrator: Sean Hill)

They call Zegin a Shooter. He's the best starship diagnostic troubleshooter in all of Cydonia - maybe even in all of Epsilon. But, what seems like a routine job, soon turns into a frustrating chase for a rogue computer virus. One that threatens to destroy the starship and Zegin. The mystery behind the source of this threat is just the beginning in this first story in the Zegin's Adventures series. 


3.8 Stars on - Kindle ($.99). As a bonus, this includes the short story "Jezi's Dilemma", and a teaser for the next Zegin's Adventure.


"Great start to a promissing series!"  Kyle F.

"A quick but enjoyable Flight!"  Sandra K.

"A good first effort."  Janice

"Sci-fi/fantasy lover/time traveler's dream."  Cyn R.

"Timothy Trimble is definately an author to watch."  Beryltheperil


Zegin's Adventures in Epsilon (Editor: Dr. Debra Doyle, Editor/Illustrator: Azaliah Yadinah)

Meet Zegin. He's a Shooter. As the best starship diagnostic troubleshooter in Cydonia, he has contained and adverted countless catastrophes. Not all jobs go as planned however, and even the best shooter can't foresee the future. - Follow Zegin as he battles against time, defeating rogue computer viruses, seeking solutions to tricky, puzzling problems, adverting war, disaster, and avoiding almost certain death!


Paperback only on Amazon ($5.95). This is a rare print edition of both of the first two Zegin's stories, and the short story, "Jezi's Dilemma", about a starship passenger who finds herself misrouted, and exceedingly late, after waking from stasis. This also contains a rough draft of a sneak peek of "Air Born". A bonus is the Zegin's Adventures Glossary.


FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting for Dummies

Get the scoop on designing databases for Mac and Windows. FileMaker Pro has grown up, and it's better than ever! This easy-to-use guide shows you how to design a great FileMaker application, build a database that works, add the functionality you need, populate your database, and venture into programming with ScriptMaker. You'll find out how to share and protect your database, too.


Paperback new on Amazon ($18.66), Kindle ($15.99), and used paperback as low as $4.50. This was written for version 8 and came out in 2006. That was a long, long time ago, and FileMaker is now up to version 15. I was very proud of this book, especially the section on Designing a Good FileMaker Application. I'm an avocate for proper analysis and design, before actually writing code, and this section is timeless - regardless of which version of FileMaker you are using. The FileMaker folks have asked me to do another one, however, my heart is now in fiction writing. But, as Charles Dickens said, "Never say never!"