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- Undiscovered - A Collection of Short Stories - Q2, 2017 (ISBN: 978-1386638179, Ion Blue Publishing

- Air Born - Do You Dream of Flying? - Q3, 2016 (ISBN 978-1536873290), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

- Zegin's Adventures in Epsilon - Q4, 2014 (ISBN 978-1503262430), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

- Zegin's Abduction - Q4, 2014 (ASIN B00OFG2ZLW), Amazon Digital Services LLC

- Zegin's Infection - Q1, 2013 (ASIN B00BM87Q38

- Wiley Press - FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting for Dummies - Q2, 2006 (ISBN 0-471-78648-9), Wiley Publications

- Adventures in Flight Simulator - Q1, 1994 (ISBN 1-55615-582-4) Microsoft Press


- BAO Flight Shop User's Guide - Bruce Artwick Organization (Flight Simulator add-on product)
- da Vinci User's Guide - ETS, Inc. (Programming tool for Palm OS)


MacWorld UK Magazine

    FileMaker 10 Review
    Bento 2 Review
    Bento Review
    Secrets of FileMaker 9
    Secrets of Bento

Computer Gaming World Magazine - From the Cockpit (Regular Column)

    IFT-Pro Pilot's Power Tools
    Flight Simulator 5 Flight Simulator 4
    Aircraft & Adventure Factory Stunt Island
    Red Baron on Sierra On-Line Falcon 3.0
    Thrustmaster WCS Thrustmaster FCS
    SG&A for FS 4 Flightmaster Yoke
    Maxx Yoke & Pedals Thrustmaster RCS
    Wing Commander Compuserve FSForum
    Genie Air Warrior CH Flight Stick
    CH Virtual Pilot Yoke

ComputerWorld Magazine

    Delphi Gives VB a Run for its Money
    The Highway to Client/Server Info
    Norton Utilities Beta Not for Faint of Heart
    NT 3.51 Tightens Links with Win 95, NetWare
    Win 95 Keeps 'Em Guessing

Computer Gaming World Magazine -“ Standard Articles

    Flight Simulator 5 Sneek Preview
    GO Master Review
    Red Baron Review

MicroWings Magazine

    San Francisco Scenery Review
    Japan Scenery Review
    FlightStick Pro Review

Amiga World Magazine

    Powerdrome Review
    IBM, Mac, & Amiga Coexistence
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Review
    IBM Compatibility
    Virtual DOS Drives

Ashton-Tate Magazine

    The First dBASE IV Application

Plane and Pilot Magazine

    Flight Simulator Review

DBMS Magazine

    dBASE IV Interface Commands

Business Software Magazine

    Hard Disk Protection


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