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When OMNI Magazine was in print, I divoured every issue when it came out. I dreamed of being able to get my stories into that highly polished and established magazine. I was pretty wet behind the ears as a writer and my multiple attempts resulted in multiple rejection letters. When the magazine went out of print, my hopes were shattered. (Sigh.)


Then, I discovered that OMNI had returned on-line as OMNI Media. Needless to say, I had to try again, and thankfully, I was successful. For several years, OMNI Media was the exclusive host for my short stories. Shortly thereafter, Vocal.media & Jerrick Ventures LLC, became the owners of OMNI and they changed the domain link to vocal.media. Unfortunately, no longer as prestigious as OMNI.


Now, my short stories are compiled into eBook called UNDISCOVERED and is also available in print. It can be found in all major eBook distributor sites with the predominant site being Amazon.com. There is a color special edition paperback available and a standard B&W edition as well on Amazon.


Meghan's Crayons - (A young autistic girl changes the world with her crayons.)


"Meghan is my middle name." The petite girl with the pixie black hair cut stated while staring up at the skylight window. She pointed at the sunbeam with her right index finger, tracing its edges down the wall and across the floor. Twirling strands of her hair... 



Freedom From Paradise (A JW Faith-Based Short Story)


To where does resurrection after death lead? Thomas Watts finds out and questions what is true freedom.


Freely available in all ebook formats. Just click on the picture. 



The Pendant - (If you could stop time, would you?)


Kristi was intrigued by the design of the necklace and the dangling pendant. It looked old - like something out of the historical romance novels she liked to read. "What can you tell me about this?" She pointed at it and tapped on the thick glass of the ...



Squirrels With Guns - (A little more intelligence can be deadly!)


The man reached into the trunk of his car, grabbing the last bag of groceries. He stepped back with the bag in one hand and started to close the trunk lid when he felt a nudge on the back of his leg, just below the knee. He turned, expecting to see... 



Invis - (Blessed with a disease.)


The forest was especially active today. Wyce could feel the flow of the life forces through the trees, ferns, and animal life. If he closed his eyes and focused he could pinpoint insects within a short radius. He breathed deeply and took in the rich smell... 



Touched - (What if you had the power to save the abused?)


I watched from the corner booth table as he hit her across the face. It made me cringe. It always does. I used to turn away and ignore it, but watching helped me build up the anger, which also helps with my touch. ... 


The Wings of Leonardo - (If Leonardo da Vinci could have seen the future.)


Francesco stood on the very edge of the cliff, his arms spread wide, and his eyes open as wide as the distant sun above the horizon. The winds from the ocean washed over him with a constant intensity... 



Jezi's Dilemma - (A missed stasis connection can ruin your whole decade!)


"What do you mean I'm not on Alcore? I spent twelve hundred creds to get to Alcore and now you're telling me I'm on some planet called Tristola?" As Jezi tried to be loud enough to make a small scene, but she didn't want to be so loud enough for the Port Authorities to come and investigate.