• Fifteen Months of Surviving!

    Yes, it has been fifteen months since I posted anything here. You would think that being out of work for this entire time would allow me to find some time to write a blog post. During this whole time, my primary focus has been on surviving. Surviving a lack of income, job searching, surviving three semesters of college, Covid-19, and then civil unrest. Whew! 


    (Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay)


    The keyword here is "Surviving!" I never would have thought we would have been able to get through the past fifteen months. Fortunately, something has always fallen into place at just the right time to keep us going. Book royalties, unemployment, selling of computer equipment, writing product reviews, loving support from friends and family, State funds for college, government stimulus check, and the extension of the State training benefits plus the government $600 kicker has kept food on the table and the power on. Through it all, I have managed to keep my head and not run around in circles in the front yard while waving my hands in the air. 


    I'm in my last week of finals for school. The State has graciously agreed to pay my tuition and pay me to go back to school to get my Web Application Developer Certificate. And the folks at Edmonds College have been great! The only drawback has been my lack of time to write on Air Storm. So, with only another week to go, I'm looking forward to diving back into Air Storm while looking for some remote work as a web developer or technical writer. 


    It has been a very challenging time for everyone. There have been friends lost to Covid, and there is a lot of contention among people and among governments. While I don't use this platform to promote my spiritual views as a Jehovah's Witness, I do look up to a higher authority, which drives my moral compass. (Which includes equality for all races, by the way.)


    My best recommendation during these difficult times is to find your compass. Stay focused on your goals and your future. Don't let the predominant attitudes of others cloud your own focus. Remember the things that bring you joy and keep track of all the good that has happened to you and for you.


    And very importantly - read some books! ;)