• What's New?

    I'm sure everyone has been wondering when I was going to get around to a new Blog posting. Well, my excuse is that I've been working on this new site and wanted to get it done before another post. The original site went live in September, 2010, with the intent of it being my official Author's site. A lot has changed in seven years. Two Zegin's stories, six short stories on OMNI, and then Air Born.

    Wow, Air Born! I had no idea how much love this story would get. Needless to say, after looking at my tired, old Blogger site, I decided it was about time I got to work and stepped it up a few notches. So, here we are with a little more spit and polish. I hope this turns into a nice professional platform for me as an author. But remember, it's still the same old Timinator underneith this polished exterior. 

    I do want to give a shout out to the DotEasy.com folks and their new tools for website development. If it hadn't been for the availability of the website.com tools, this would've have taken me a huge amount of time. I've been with DotEasy for over 15 years and I'm still very pleased with their offerings and support. If you need an affordable yet robust website, give them a look. 

    This site is nowhere done and will continue to be a living and breathing extension of me and my writing. I'll still be found on the various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), but for engaging me as a professional writer, public speaker, creative, and life efficiency expert, this is the place to watch and interact with me on. 

    And for all those who have stuck with me for so many years, have shown their support and love through all my various levels of creativity - THANK YOU! I love you all!


    P.S. The old site is still accessable and I'll keep a link to it in the Links page until the last vestige of interest fades away into the setting of the three moons of Kezwal.