• Song List for Air Born

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    One of my readers reached out to me about the Spotify Song List for Air Born, that is mentioned in the back of the book. Unfortunately, I had to remove it due to some discussions about the potential for lawsuits by some of the artists. So, in the next edition of Air Born, that page will no longer be there. However, I can post this list as my personally selected song list for each chapter of Air Born. Music can drive emotional response and I put a lot of thought into this list. You might think of your own list as well. Enjoy.

    (All links are to the YouTube videos. Please let me know if any of the links are no longer valid.)

    1 -All I Wanna Do - Song: All I Wanna Do, Sheryl Crow

    Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do (original music video)

    2 - Dreamland - Song: Dreams, The Cranberries

    The Cranberries - Dreams (Official Music Video)

    3 - Uncle Georgio - Song: I Believe I Can Fly, R. Kelly

    R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly (LP Version)

    4 - A Longing - Song: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

    5 - Maturity - Song: Remembering Lydia by John Danley

    John Danley - Remembering Lydia

    6 - Air Born -  Song: Cloud 9 - Luke Benward and Dove Cameron  

    Luke Benward and Dove Cameron - Cloud 9

    7 - Found - Song: Sade, Love Is Found 

    Sade - Love Is Found

    8 - Watchers - Song: She Is Love - Parachute 

    Parachute - She Is Love

    9 - Falling - Song : Crazy For This Girl, Evan And Jaron

    Evan and Jaron - Crazy For This Girl

    10 - Uncertainty - Song : Sad Song, We the Kings

    We the Kings - Sad Song 

    11 - University - Song: Trouble - Coldplay 

    Coldplay - Trouble 

    12 - Into the Night - Song: Tiptoe - Imagine Dragons  

    Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe

    13 - Forces of Nature  - Song: Vagabond, Misterwives

    Misterwives - Vagabond

    14 - It’s Personal - Song: Drag Me Down, One Direction 

    One Direction - Drag Me Down

    15 - No Longer Safe - Song: Side Effects, Uppermost  

    Uppermost - Side Effects

    16 - Get the Girl - Song: Now, by Paramore  

    Paramore - Now

    17 - Hanging On - Song: Shatter Me, By Lindsey Sterling  

    Lindsey Sterling - Shatter Me

    18 - Beginnings - Song: Flight, Lifehouse  

    Lifehouse - Flight


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    That's it for now. Short, brief, and to the point. Enjoy reading and keep those words flowing. 

  • First Appearance of Air Born by a Vlogger!

    Not really much of a blog post. I just wanted to provide a link to this wonderful Youtube vlogger. I met her at a movie screening for "Everything, Everything". When we were waiting to provide our feedback to the movie studio rep, I introduced myself to her as a writer and she introduced herself as a book reviewer on Youtube. We had a nice conversation and I offered her a book (of course.) So, here's a nice video of her "unboxing" of Air Born. If you want to skip to the Air Born unboxing, it starts around 4:40. But, honestly, it's fun to watch the whole video!